Conformal Coating Masking

The purpose of masking prior to conformal coating an assembly is to keep the coating from being applied to areas that would not be able to perform properly with it.  Masking is often the most critical and thus the most meticulous and time consuming aspect of the conformal coating process.  Failure to properly mask could result in improper coating hindering the performance of the technology, or worse, completely ruining the assembly.  Our technicians are specially trained to ensure proper masking of your assemblies so you have peace of mind that your product will be returned to you without issues, imperfections or defects. 

The masking process begins with proper, effective communication with our customers. Detailed drawings are obtained that identify the “coating-free” areas. If these areas are not properly identified early on the in procedure it can lead to improper coating and increased cost. If you are not familiar with the masking or conformal coating process we are willing to work with you, following standardized and customer driven specifications to develop a masking process to suit your needs.

The masking process continues with our team developing working instructions for our production personnel to follow.  Once production has completed masking your assemblies, our quality assurance team performs 100% inspection to ensure that the end result is complete compliance with your coating requirements. 

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