Conformal Coating Equipment

Diamond Mt provides a full range of conformal coating application equipment and conformal coating systems for those looking to bring the conformal coating process in-house. Please explore our list of products below to find the perfect piece of equipment for your specific needs!

Our full listing of products include:

Automated Conformal Coating Equipment:

Selective Coating is a more recent development among conformal coating methods. Selective coating combines the advantages of several coating methods into a single coating method. There are several types of coating applicators. Spray coating is an atomized process that can achieve a thinner film pass; however, if selectivity is a requirement, the applicator usually has to move more slowly. The finish is a feathered or fuzzy coating on the edges.

Conformal Coating Equipment (Dip):

Automated Dip Coating is one of the most efficient methods for application of conformal coating and is excellent for all volume production whether large or small. The process of dipping a circuit board in a conformal coating material contained in a tank ensures complete coverage, including underneath components and around difficult later 3D boards and this is no over spray or material wastage.

Conformal Coating Equipment (Semi-Automated):

We utilize a variety of HVLP spray guns for our hand spraying process, in addition to multiple spray booths. This method is ideal for customers with small to medium quantities. Additionally this method is preferred with customers who have tall components or a geographical layout that does not lend itself to a programmable conformal coating method.