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Download Our Acrylic Resin 101 Guide: Coating Facts Sheet

Download our Acrylic Resin 101 Guide

Acrylic Resin is the most popular conformal coating, currently making up about 80% of the market. Download the Acrylic Resin 101: Coating Facts Sheet today to learn more about this popular coating!

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Acrylic Conformal Coating Services

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Acrylic resin (AR) conformal coating currently makes up 80% of the market. There are many reasons for this. Acrylic resins are single-component materials. More specifically, they are preformed acrylic polymers that are dissolved in a solvent to be applied to surfaces. 

Read on to find out more about acrylic coating, and contact Diamond MT — your acrylic coating provider — with your needs and questions.

Properties of Acrylic Resin

AR coatings have these properties:

  • Clear coating: Acrylic conformal coating has a clear appearance and is tough against many kinds of damage.
  • Low moisture absorption: Because acrylic resin does not absorb moisture, it prevents damage such as fungus and corrosion.
  • Dielectric constant: Acrylic resin insulates the device against static discharge, high voltage arcing and electrical shorts.
  • Short drying time: Acrylics dry to the touch in 60 minutes or less and typically cure completely in 24 hours.

Acrylic Resin Benefits

Why is acrylic resin the most popular conformal coating option? It offers many unique benefits, including:

  • Simple: The application process for AR is straightforward, regardless of the application.
  • Cost-effective: Acrylic conformal coating is a low-cost coating solution.
  • Easy reworkAR is the easiest material to remove and repair.
  • Ultraviolet (UV) traceableThis coating is UV traceable for inspection purposes.
  • Easily interchangeable: AR can be removed and replaced with another coating option easily.

Acrylic Conformal Coating Process

Acrylics can be soldered through with minimal to no odor release. Their already short cure time can be sped up with a bake, shaving off anywhere from 17 to 23 and a half hours from the process. During the curing process, acrylics do not shrink and give off little to no heat.

Prior written authorization is needed before we bake any assemblies.

AR can be easily applied using one of three methods:

  • Brush: Hand brushing is most appropriate for small scale batch productions, prototypes and anything that would otherwise require extensive masking to avoid coating. The operator brushes the acrylic coating onto the device with care to cover each side well.
  • Spray: Spraying is the best technique for large batch groups. The most accurate control of coating is achieved with spraying. This process can be automated or manual.
  • Dip: Dipping is achieved by placing the assembly into a vat of the coating. This procedure is well suited for large batches since the process moves quickly and is repeatable. It can be completed manually or automatically.

Applications and Industries for Acrylic Coating

Acrylics provide an excellent barrier to both moisture and humidity and have good fungus resistance. This property is why acrylic coating is used on electronic circuitry. The coating conforms to the electronic device's shape, protecting the entire surface from chemical, electrical and physical issues, such as gases, UV exposure, humidity, condensation and liquid. The coating gives off minimal to no heat during the curing process, which is beneficial for heat-sensitive electronics.

Acrylic has minimal chemical resistance, making it ideal for reworking and removability. It is also nonconductive to withstand static discharge. This dielectric nature is advantageous for printed circuit boards (PCBs) since the coating will enhance its capabilities and life span. With this coating, you can put traces close together to make electrical components as small as possible, also called miniaturization.

Our Acrylic Conformal Coating Services

If your top priorities for your coating solution are low cost and quick service time, contact Diamond MT — your trusted acrylic coating company. Our acrylic resin application process is simple, allowing us to complete large batches quickly. Our technicians will ensure that each device meets a specific thickness, so it is not too thin or thick. With acrylic conformal coating's quick curing time — and baking options to further reduce this time — you will receive your acrylic coated products in a matter of days.

Diamond MT can also remove and rework your existing acrylic coatings. Since acrylic has a forgiving nature, it is easy for our team to manipulate the coating for repairs or removal. For the chemical removal process, we use a solvent with a butyrolactone base, which is much safer than previous solutions.

Why Choose Diamond MT as Your Acrylic Coating Services Company?

At Diamond MT, we are conformal coating specialists committed to providing quality services through standardized processes and excellent service. There are many advantages to partnering with us, including:

  • A rapid turnaround of two to five business days, much faster than the industry standard of 10 or more.
  • International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 and Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100D certified facilities for application, repair and rework.
  • Technicians trained to adhere to several industry standards to provide expert services and effective results.

Contact us online for more information about our conformal coating solutions or request a quote for your acrylic coating service.

Acrylic Resin Coatings for Every Industry

There are many different industries that conformal coating plays a critical role in.

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