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MEMS Coatings Services


Downsizing is the trend with modified semiconductor fabrication technology. As a result, its inner components — electromechanical and mechanical — are even smaller. Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) are technological systems with operative components as small as 1 to 100 micrometers. Though small, MEMS are quite complex and may have moving parts.

MEMS are integrated into active, stressful areas and need protection from harmful environmental conditions, including temperature extremes, abrasive liquids and stiction. Diamond-MT has parylene coating for high-frequency circuits compatible with many MEMS.

Benefits of Parylene Coating for Microelectromechanical Systems

MEMS need protection from their environment so they can continue to work correctly. Conformal coating for nanofiltration, specifically parylene, is the best defense. The benefits include:

  • Thinness: MEMS require a thin coating no thicker than 5 nanometers. This layer is enough to reduce stiction and insulate and secure the components. Other coatings are 100 micrometers or more, which could cause MEMS to malfunction.
  • Barrier protection: Parylene protects against elements that are part of component operation but may damage MEMS. This includes bodily fluids, salt, acid, water vapor, solvents and chemicals.
  • Uniformity: Parylene conformal coatings are pinhole-free on several substrate materials and will conform to the topography of the MEMS for complete protection.
  • Ultraviolet protection: Parylene protects MEMS from ultraviolet (UV) light that would otherwise damage the components.
  • Electrical insulation: Static and electrical currents can damage MEMS. Parylene prevents these from accessing MEMS because it has good dielectric strength and low dielectric constant and loss.

Applications of Conformal Coating for Microelectromechanical Systems

Because MEMS are so versatile, their potential applications are practically unlimited. Some popular applications include:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Rugged military devices
  • Biocompatible and implantable medical devices
  • Aerospace and automotive systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Information technology


Our Services for Parylene Coating for Nanofiltration

In addition to parylene coating for microelectromechanical systems, Diamond-MT offers:

  • Many coating options: We can apply parylene coatings as well as epoxy, acrylic, urethane and silicone — whichever suits your application best.
  • Consulting and training: You'll have access to our vast industry knowledge to improve your in-house coating processes. We'll help you set up your production line and troubleshoot any errors.
  • Coating removal and repair: Our technicians can chemically, mechanically or thermally remove conformal coatings. We can also repair damage to your coatings.

Why Choose Diamond-MT for Conformal Coating for High-Frequency Circuits?

Since 2001, Diamond-MT has been the conformal coating industry's leader for quality work and customer service. The benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Quick turnaround: Our team completes coating projects within two to five business days, the fastest rate in the industry.
  • Qualified team: Our technicians adhere to several standards from the Institute of Printed Circuits (IPC), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
  • Certified facilities: Our facilities in Johnstown, PA and Melbourne, FL meet ISO 9001:2015 and Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100D certifications for productivity.

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