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Epoxy Conformal Coating Services

epoxy-glass printed circuit board

Epoxy resins (ER) provide a thin protective film, just like any other conformal coating. Epoxy is available as a single-part or two-part compound. Single-part compounds are cured thermally or by ultraviolet (UV) exposure. Two-part compounds begin to cure as soon as they are mixed together.

Epoxy conformal coatings have good moisture and dielectric resistance. They also have excellent temperature and chemical resistance. Epoxy also has good resistance to abrasion and is rigid.

Read on for more information about the properties, benefits and applications of epoxy conformal coating.

Properties of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy conformal coating has these useful properties:

  • Wide temperature range: ER is useful to about 150 degrees Celsius or 302 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Harder durometer: Epoxy conformal coating has a rigid surface for excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Thermal expansion: Epoxy resin coating has a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) closer to the printed circuit board (PCB) substrate, reducing the PCB's thermal stress and increasing its reliability.
  • High glass transition: Epoxy coating has a high glass transition temperature (Tg), so it has superior electrical, thermal and mechanical properties for high-temperature applications.
  • Good dielectric properties: Epoxy coating is an efficient insulator, which protects the device from getting damaged by electrical malfunctions.

Epoxy Conformal Coating Application Process

As with acrylic, polyurethane, and silicone, epoxy can be applied by one of three methods:

  • Brush: Brushing is recommended for prototypes and assemblies requiring a lot of masking. This process is used for low-quantity orders.
  • Spray: Spraying is completed with an aerosol can or spray gun. It is beneficial for large quantities and can help finish a lot of work quickly.
  • Dip: This automated or manual process hangs the device from an arm and lowers it into a dip tank. Machine dipping is most efficient for large batches because it is fast and repeatable.

A buffer should be considered for use with more delicate components since the polymerization process causes film shrinkage.

Epoxy is nearly impossible to rework. Any solvents that can remove epoxy conformal coating can also remove the epoxy adhering components to printed circuit boards. The solvents also affect the PCB epoxy-based laminates. The only possibilities for rework ;are spot removal with a very minimal amount of solvent or burning through the coating with a knife. Heat cure causes the coating to shrink, and a low-temperature cure or another method is recommended if shrinkage is an issue.

Applications and Industries That Use Epoxy Coating

Epoxy resin protects from various harmful factors such as:

  • Gases.
  • Chemicals.
  • UV rays.
  • Humidity.
  • Corrosion.
  • Abrasion.
  • Liquids.
  • Oil.
  • Thermal shock.

This level of protection makes epoxy conformal coating suitable for many applications. For example, it is used for small, complex electronics because the coating is more streamlined than the traditional bulky enclosures. For PCBs, the epoxy coating can keep out heat from other devices. Epoxy can also prevent technology theft and provide fire hazard protection.

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Epoxy Coating Applications

Epoxy Conformal Coating Benefits

Epoxy coating has many benefits, such as:

  • Robustness. Epoxy conformal coating is very strong and difficult to remove once it's laid.
  • Rigidity. Epoxy is firm and will maintain its shape.
  • Insulating properties. This coating has a high dielectric strength to protect from voltage arcing and static discharge.
  • Chemical and abrasion resistance. Epoxy can resist many chemicals and physical damage, keeping the device safe from several harmful factors.

Whether you use the single-part or two-part epoxy compound, both systems provide the same benefits.

Our Epoxy Coating Services

If you need a rigid formal coating that can withstand physical abrasions and chemical exposure, choose Diamond MT as your epoxy coating company. We are known for our quality services, including epoxy coating application. From applying the coating to curing, we can have your order ready for you in two to five days — the fastest turnaround in the industry.

Our technicians have perfected the epoxy application process to ensure each coating provides full coverage and is the correct thickness. If the coating is too thick, problems could include shrinkage, cracking, bubbling or trapped solvent. Here at Diamond MT, we are the experts at applying conformal coatings, from handling your invaluable piece of technology to application to quality control and standards.

Our technicians can also rework and remove your epoxy conformal coating if required. While epoxies are very good at protection from humidity, chemical and abrasion, they are, as stated above, very difficult to remove. Below is a brief description of some methods for removing this robust coating:

  • Thermal: Use extreme caution when burning through epoxy. Though no known gas is emitted, check with the manufacturer before you use this technique.
  • Mechanical: Because epoxy is so hard, this technique is not recommended. Damage to the board most likely will occur.
  • Chemical: Complete coating removal for repair is nearly impossible by chemical means (except in the case of hermetically sealed hybrids), as the solvent can’t discriminate between the epoxy coating, the epoxy-glass printed circuit board, and any epoxy-coated or potted components. However, if done carefully, spot removal of the coating may be accomplished by the application with a cotton-tipped swab of a solvent with a methylene chloride base and acid activator.

Choose Diamond MT as Your Epoxy Coating Provider

Diamond MT is a specialist in conformal coatings, providing unmatched epoxy conformal coating services since 2006. Partnering with us for your coating needs is advantageous.Our work is completed in International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 and Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100D certified facilities to ensure quality results for each product.

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