Conformal Coating Masking Boots

Diamond-MT can provide both standard and custom boot solutions for a customer depending on their needs. We have a wide range of custom boots and designs in stock or ready to manufacture. We can quickly match these to your needs or help develop a custom solution through our design services to help you get the protection you need in your conformal coating process.

Masking boots are an integral part of a full masking solution in coating applications for printed circuit cards, whether this is for a liquid conformal coating process or a vapor deposition process such as parylene. Many components and parts on a printed circuit board must remain uncoated from conformal coating. The purpose of the masking boots is to provide easy to use covers instead of alternative materials such as masking tape and tape dots to prevent coatings from going in the wrong areas. Conformal coating masking boots come in all shapes and forms to protect different types of components for all conformal coating application techniques.

The typical boots can be divided into two types: A and C type Cups.

A Cups are boots which cover vertical connectors and components and are the simplest form. These include covers for d type and molex connectors.

C cups are boots which cover horizontal connectors and wrap around the component from both sides of the board in general. these tend to be more complex in design although we can provide both standard and custom boots solutions for a customer depending on their needs.


A Cup

C Cup