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Coating Removal and Repair Services

PCB printer circuit board with conformal coating

Though conformal coatings are durable enough to last a long time on a printed circuit board (PCB), they may occasionally have problems that require professional service.

Diamond MT repairs, reworks and removes conformal coatings using safe techniques that will not damage the PCB. With many techniques available, our team will choose the best option for your coating type. We have experience working with silicone, parylene, acrylic resin, epoxy and urethane.

Parylene Repair Services

Conformal coating rework services address issues with the existing coating, such as shrinkage, cracking and bubbling, and make repairs to restore its integrity. Rework often involves spot removal for local treatment. For our conformal coating stripping services, the area is brushed and swabbed with a solvent to dissolve the coating. We can also use a soldering iron to soften the coating for removal.

Parylene Removal Services

Coating removal services involve stripping the coating and solder residue from the PCB. There are several reasons it might be necessary to remove a coating:

  • The coating needs to be removed to repair the PCB's failures.
  • The existing coating has adhesion and flux issues.
  • The wrong type of coating is on the PCB and needs to be replaced with the correct type.

At Diamond MT, our conformal coating removal services ensure the safe and proper eradication of a coating. The type and thickness of the coating on the PCB and the PCB's function determine the ideal removal method. Our removal techniques include:

  • Chemical solvents: There are several solvents available, and each coating is compatible with a specific one. For total removal, the PCB is immersed in the solvent, which dissolves the coating.
  • Micro abrasive blasting: Abrasive media and dry air or inert gas is blown onto the coating from a small nozzle. If the components are sensitive to electrostatic discharge (ESD), we can reduce the ESD generated to prevent it from damaging the PCB.
  • Plasma: Oxygen-based plasma works on a fine scale to remove the coating from specific components.
  • Laser ablation: Laser pulses precisely remove the coating in areas smaller than 1 micron.
  • Mechanical peeling: Peeling involves cutting, sanding or scraping the coating away. Surfaces not receiving treatment will require masking.
  • Thermal: A soldering iron creates high temperatures that heat the coating, allowing it to be scraped away easily. Thermal treatment is ideal for spot removal.
close up of conformal coated pcb

Why Choose Diamond MT?

The advantages to choosing Diamond MT for your conformal coating repair services include:

  • High standards for repair and rework: Our parylene stripping services are held to the Institute for Printed Circuits (IPC) standards 7711 for soldered assembly rework and 7721 for board repair.
  • Quick delivery: We have a rapid turnaround of two to five business days, while the industry standard is 10 or more.
  • Certified facilities: Our facilities meet the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 and Aerospace Standard (AS) 9100D certifications to create a streamlined workspace and quality results.

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Conformal Coating Services for Every Industry

There are many different industries that conformal coating plays a critical role in.

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